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Orange and Black Gothic Arch

Here is my Gothic Arch for the Orange and Black challenge.  Of course it's a Halloween theme!

I used scrapbook papers for the background,  a Tim Holtz swirl stamp, and black Dresden trim.  The image is from Paper Whimsy and I added wings and a witch's hat.  There's orange Stickles on the wings, but it doesn't show.

You can see more gothic arches here.

Gothic Arch Challenge

I'm a little late getting this posted, but better late than never I suppose.  I'll try to do better Nancy!  I promise!  Anyway here is my Gothic Arch for the 'Risque' challenge from last week.

It was on the scanner a little crooked, but oh well.

And here...

Is my second challenge piece for this week!  This one is for the Gothic Arches.Ning group, and the theme this week is 'Autumn'.  I used Glitz Spritz on the background, but the shimmer doesn't show up in the scan.  The images are from ArtChix Studio.  I did this in about 30 minutes on my lunch break at work today so of course I had an audience.  LOL!


Been a while...

Since I posted anything here.  Been on Facebook and my art forum posting.

I spent the weekend of September 18th in Ann Arbor, Michigan with eleven of my closest frinds from the PaperWhimsy art forum.  I had never met any of these lovley ladies before, but I had talked with most of them online for about a year now.  They were the most warm, friendly, and welcoming group of women that I had ever encountered!  I loved every minute I spent with them and when it was time for us all to go home I really didn't want to leave.  They are an amazing group of very, very talented artists, and I hope to be able to attend next year's gathering, too. 

Ann Arbor is a beautiful town.  The downtown area is so cool with the most awesome shops!  I loved Hollander's!  So much paper to look at and drool over!  I really didn't know where to start looking and so I know I missed something.  It was truly overwhelming (in a good way) to a paper-lover like myself!  There was another little shop in the same building called Found.  It had the neatest little trinket-y things.  Bits and pieces to use in altered art projects or jewelry pieces.  They had old photos, Scrabble tiles, old paper receipts, old books, and so much other stuff that I didn't have time to look through all of it.  Hopefully next year will find us in Ann Arbor again and I'll have more time to browse.

So, since returning from my art sojourn (yes, we worked on an art project in between shopping trips), I have felt the need to devote more time to my art.  I have been getting my inspiration from the online art challenge sites that I have found.  Aaaand here is my first challenge piece.  It is for the 'Music' theme for ATC Sunday on Facebook.  It is a 2.5x3.5 Artist Trading Card using a piece of music score painted with acrylic paints for the background.  The bird is from Paper Whimsy, the hearts are a paper punch, and the roses are German scrap.  I used Glimmer Mist in 'patina' over the background to give it some shimmer but, unfortunately, it doesn't show up in the scan.

Come over and visit...

My dear friend Jan Thomason at the Polka Dot Barn  (polkadotbarn.blogspot.com) is having a giftaway to celebrate her birthday and having 100 followers of her blog.  Congratulations JT!!  I'm so happy for you! 


Yahoo! hates me...

They keep asking me to answer stupid security questions just in case I forget my password and need it reset.  Hell-o!  I've had this email account for, wait a sec I've gotta count.....almost nine years now.  NINE years!  And I've never forgotten my password.  If I haven't forgotten it in nine years why all of a sudden do they think I'm gonna forget it now?  I'm so friggin annoyed right now!!  I don't want to use another email.  I like my yahoo! account.  But if they don't lay off I'm gonna change!  Grrrrr!!!!


3 Muses Challenge - Door

For the 'door' challenge at 3 Muses I made an ATC.  The door image and the butterfly are from Paper Whimsy.

Warning!!! Rant Ahead...

I will apologize to my gentle readers in advance, but I really need to vent.  Please do not read this if you don't like to be around when someone is running off at the mouth (i.e. ME!)  So, here goes...

Why is it that some people don't seem to have a problem with not doing their job??!!!!  And why is it that other people feel the need to defend this person and neglect their own work to help them out?!  I don't get it!  If you're 50 years old surely you have some general idea of how the world works don't you?  You get a job, you work hard, you get paid!  Hopefully, if you work hard enough, someone notices and you get paid a little more.  Why does this person (who shall remain nameless) get paid, like me, to spend all day flitting around, chatting on the phone (about personal stuff like the kids sports practice and Dr. appointments), telling others who are trying to work pointless (and very long) stories?  She will spend an hour helping one person pick out their books (I work in a library)  while the rest of us try to wait on the other 20-30 patrons standing in line or calling on the phone!  Don't get me wrong, I'll be one of the first to admit that her customer service is super, but there comes a time when you really need to get back to the rest of the people who are waiting.  She never, I mean NEVER, meets the deadline which she has weekly to get her stuff done.  And because she never meets that deadline she's always been cut slack as far as being out on the floor helping, so she has even more time in the back to waste.  She spent all day Monday figuring out her mileage reimbursement because the deadline for submitting it was, well Monday!  Then she didn't get it done so she stayed after to finish it!  That's a big no-no where I work.  She comes in in the evenings sometimes and works off the clock to finish the things she should have been doing while on the clock.  She has absolutely no time management skills.  And management is letting her get away with this!!!!!!  It's been going on for almost  two years now!  Since she never has anything done the rest of us have to pick up her slack and work twice as hard.  AAARRRGH!!!!!

OK!  *deep sigh*  I think I'm done now.  I'm really tired of thinking about it, but I really needed to get it out of my system.  Thanks for listening to me spew.:)



Mom brought me a bowl of fresh-picked strawberries the other day.  They looked so pretty with their green stems that I had to take a picture before I ate them.  This is my first attempt at staging a photo.  I hope it turned out ok.

An Old Friend

Y'know it's funny how people come and go in our lives.  People who we thought we were so close to gradually drift away only to be replaced by others who become near and dear.  Then one day one of the ones whose path we never thought we'd cross again magically appears back in our lives.  I say this because today I re-met an old friend from college.  We both worked in the theatre department and got to know each other there.  Now, I work in a public library (not much to do with the theatre world except for all the characters who frequent a public building) and today we hosted a children's magic show.  My old college friend was the magician!  What a coincidence!  As we were talking I was able to reconnect with several old college friends who were also involved in theatre.  i had often thought of them all and wondered what they were doing and how they were.  Many went out of state for grad school and I had lost touch with them.  I am happy to say that most everyone is doing great and working in their chosen fields.  What a wonderful little surprise in the midst of an overwhelmingly busy day!